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4ms PEG Kit (Pingable Envelope Generator)
4ms PEG Kit (Pingable Envelope Generator)4ms PEG Kit (Pingable Envelope Generator)

4ms PEG Kit (Pingable Envelope Generator)

By: 4ms


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Product Description

Same as PEG (Pingable Envelope Generator) but in kit form, complete with printed visual parts list reference guide and very well written instruction booklet. Requires basic through-hole soldering skills, tools and related supplies.

Dual Channel Envelope Generator/LFO/Clock

The Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG) from 4ms is a dual envelope generator whose envelope lengths are set by incoming clocks or "pings";. It has full CV control of envelope shape, skew, and ping (clock) division/multiplication, as well as a plethora of triggering and cycling options (AD, AR, quantization, cycle), and a tap tempo button for each channel.

• Dual "pingable" envelope generator's total envelope time is set by a "ping"
• Tap tempo button or incoming clock sets the ping time
• Envelope time is a multiple or division of the ping time (from /8 to x8) set by Ping Div/Mult knob and CV
• Curve knob and CV control the shape of the output envelope. Various combinations of exponential, linear, logarithmic, and interpolated curves are available for the rise and fall portions. Total envelope time is maintained throughout any curve selection.
• Skew knob and CV control the ratio between rise and fall times without changing total envelope time

• Ping Divide/Multiply
• Skew
• Scale
• Curve
• Attenuation Level (0, -20, -40db)

• CV control of Ping Div/Mult, Skew, and Curve using the CV jacks. Respective knobs set the center offset for the applied CV
• CV of 0-10V will modulate the parameter's full range However, a 0-5V CV will modulate the parameter within a very useful range.

• End-of-Rise (EOR) gate output goes high when envelope finishes a rise portion, and goes low when envelope begins a rise portion
• End-of-Fall (EOF) gate output goes high when envelope finishes a fall portion, and goes low when envelope begins a fall portion
• Jumper for each channel changes EOR output to a Half-Rise gate output. The Half-Rise jack goes high when 50% of the time of the rise portion has elapsed, and goes low after 50% of the time of the fall portion. Using the Skew parameter, this jack provides a variable phase gate output useful for quadrature effects and clock phase shifting and trigger delay effects. Factory setting is EOR for red channel, Half-Rise for blue channel.

Physical Specifications
• Format - Eurorack
• Width - 20HP
• Depth - 1.6"

Electrical Specifications
• Power - +12V @ 60-105mA, -12V @ 35mA, 40mA @ +5V

In the Box
• Everything needed to build a PEG
• Eurorack Power Cable, 16-16-pin

Download Manual

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