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4ms QCD Expander
4ms QCD Expander4ms QCD Expander4ms QCD Expander

4ms QCD Expander

By: 4ms


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Product Description

Expands functionality of QCD (Quad Clock Distributor)

The Expander turns the QCD into a programmatic non-linear sequencer, allowing you to easily create everything from self-patched evolving rhythms, to swing/shuffle patterns, to classic dance beats.

The QCD Expander and QCD are designed to create an infinite variety of rhythms that can be programmatically built, as opposed to linearly "grid" sequenced. This is a form of non-linear sequencing. Using a few short patch cables, you can create complex rhythmic patterns for multiple voices/drums.

• Multi-mode output jack INV OUT, which mirrors the tempo of main QCD output
• Mode Switch for each INV OUT jack:
--- Delayed Trigger Mode
--- Inverted Gate Mode
--- Shuffle Mode (delayed + original trigger)
• PW/Delay knob controls trigger delay time on INV OUT jack (or pulse width in Inverted Gate Mode):
--- Also controls Pulse Width of main QCD OUT jack
--- CV input jack for external control
--- Attenuverter allows for one channel to precisely modulate another channel's delay or pulse width
• Div/Mult CV attenuator knob:
--- Controls how much the signal on the main QCD's Div/Mult CV jack will modulate the tempo
--- Useful for precisely modulating the speed of one channel with another

Inputs (x 4)
• CV for Gate Pulsewidth / Trigger Delay

Outputs (x 4)
• Delayed Trigger, Inverted Gate or Swing Tigger

Controls (x 4)
• CV Attenuator (for PW/Delay)
• Gate PW / Trig Delay
• Mode Switch
• CV Attenuator (for Div/Mult on main QCD module)
• LED Brightness (Global)

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 12HP
• Depth: 1”

Electrical Specifications
• Power +12V rail: 44mA max, +5V rail not used, -12V rail: 30mA max

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack Power Cable
• 10-16-pin QCD Connector cable

Download Manual

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