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4ms RCD (Rotating Clock Divider)
4ms RCD (Rotating Clock Divider)4ms RCD (Rotating Clock Divider)4ms RCD (Rotating Clock Divider)

4ms RCD (Rotating Clock Divider)

By: 4ms


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Product Description

Clocking Module/Frequency Divider

The RCD measures the time between the previous two pulses, and uses that value to calculate the frequency of the clock signals on the output jacks. Apply a clock signal to the Clock Input jack. Rising edges of 5V or greater will cause the internal dividing counters to be incremented. Each jack has its own counter that counts from 1 to its divide-by-amount, and then resets back at 1. In up-beat counting, each jack outputs a trigger pulse when its counter reaches the divide-by amount assigned to that jack. In down- beat counting, each jack fires when its counter is 1. Typically, the outputs will patch to trigger-able or gate-able modules (drum modules, ADSR envelope/transient generators, step sequencer clock input, etc..), but the RCD can also operate in the audio frequency range, thus crudely stepping pitch downward.

• Divide-by-1 to Divide-by-64, on 8 output jacks
• CV Rotate jack to shift divide-by amount on each jack
• CV Reset jack to reset/re-sync all jacks
• Optional break-out panels to expand functionality (MIDI, Auto-reset, selectable Divide-by range, Gate/Trigger, Up/Down-counting)

• Rotate
• Reset

• 8 Divisions of the incoming clock signal

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 4HP
• Depth: 2"

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +/-12V @ 60mA

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack Power Cable, 16-16-pin
• Printed Manual

Download Manual