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Bleep Labs Delaydelus
Bleep Labs DelaydelusBleep Labs DelaydelusBleep Labs DelaydelusBleep Labs Delaydelus

Bleep Labs Delaydelus

By: Bleep Labs


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Product Description

Out of production: Play/Sample/Delay Your Audio World

The Delaydelus is a sampler with a built in delay.

Each pin is a sample. The buttons are used to trigger whatever pin is connected to that buttons pin.For example if the first pin, P1, is connected with the alligator clip wire to pin “A”, the A button on the left will play that sample.

If P1 is connected to P2 and A1 then the A button will play both samples at the same time.

Up to four samples can be triggered at once.

Pitch is adjusted with the knob on the left. When it’s at 12 o’clock the sample pays back at normal speed. As you go counter-clockwise from there the playback will go slower until it starts going in reverse.Turning the knob clockwise from the center will increase the playback rate.

The internal delay is controlled with two knobs.The middle knob controls how long the delay is, from just a few microseconds at full clockwise to about a second at full counter-clockwise.

The feedback amount is controlled by the right knob. When the knob is all the way counter-clockwise the delay is off. As you turn clockwise the feedback increases. At 3 o’clock the feedback is infinite. Past that it’s amplified and starts to go crazy.

• Eight samples designed by Daedelus
• Over a minute of total sample memory
• Beautifully crunchy 12bit, 30kHz audio. Mono in and out
• One second delay
• Combine four samples at a time with the unique patch bay
• Through mode to use the delay with an external source
• Sample audio or use it to trigger or modulate
• Comes w/ USB adapter that allows you you control the device with MIDI as well as reprogram it

• Power: 9V battery
• Dimensions: ~2" x 3" x 1"
• Weight: .5 lbs