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Industrial Music Electronics Argos Bleak

Industrial Music Electronics Argos Bleak

By: Industrial Music Electronics


Available Immediately

Product Description

Quad Oscillator Controller

ARGOS BLEAK is a 2-input, 4-output oscillator driver and control voltage quantizer with an integrated vibrato LFO. This module makes oscillators of different types behave well together with easy control of tuning and performance articulation. It is meant to work between a master control voltage source and a set of oscillators, becoming the control point for coarse/fine tuning adjustments as well as vibrato modulation. Gate control inputs instantly modify the behavior of all channels at once, facilitating the performance of complex control changes across four different oscillators with a minimum of patch setup time. Channel settings may be stored as “chord” presets and quickly cycled through.

Per Channel
• Octave switch
• Input selection (both inputs calibrated 1v/oct)
• Fine tune control
• Semitone offset (stored as chord preset)
• Vibrato amount
• Slew time (routable pre- or post-quantizer)
• CV clip indicator LED

• Scale quantization selection (similar to Stillson Hammer mkII, free selection of scale root and mode)
• Vibrato Generator (internally routed to all 4 channels using the mixer knobs) with frequency and amount control
• Gate control inputs: Quantizer trig, slew enable, input selection swap
• Chord preset storage (16 slots, stores semitone offset of each channel and other programmable settings)
• Chord selection CV input
• Quantizer trigger output

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 15hp
• Depth: tbd

Electrical Specifications
• Power: tbd

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack Power Cable