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KOMA Komplex Sequencer

KOMA Komplex Sequencer

By: KOMA Elektronik


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Product Description

Four Sequencers In One!

Some machines start with crazy ideas on paper but make much more sense when they are realised. The Komplex Sequencer is one of those machines: four sequencers that can cross modulate each other and the possibility to control all features over CV—why not?

KOMA loves sequencers. It has been a key tool for many musicians throughout the years, ranging from techno producers to experimental ambient artists, all using its repetitive character to create innovative music. Now, it’s time for the ultimate sequencer, one that has so much power and connectivity, giving you the possibility to transcend the sequence from a repeating pattern into an ever evolving cadence of sound.

The Komplex Sequencer has no screens or submenus; all features have their own dedicated controls, inputs and outputs on a large 87-point front-panel patch bay inviting you to instantly interact with the machine. By patching both internal and external CV sources between the four individual sequencers and the CV recorder, you can “sequence the sequence” and create extremely complex patterns that further usual repetitious loops.

No matter if you have a small modular system or a studio filled with vintage synths, the Komplex Sequencer is compatible with almost all synthesizers that accept CV/Gate and/or MIDI. Open up a whole new world of playability and creativity, starting where all other sequencers stop.

Physical Specifications
• Casing: Powder coated screened printed aluminum w/ wooden side panels
• Size: 18.2” x 11.4” x 1.6”
• Weight: 8.8lbs

Electrical Specifications
• Power: 12V AC power adapter (included)

In the Box
• The Komplex Sequencer itself
• Power Adapter

Download Manual