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Korg ARP Odyssey
Korg ARP OdysseyKorg ARP OdysseyKorg ARP OdysseyKorg ARP OdysseyKorg ARP Odyssey

Korg ARP Odyssey

By: Korg


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Product Description

Forty Years Later, a Complete Revival of the Legendary ARP Odyssey

The ARP Odyssey was an analog synthesizer originally produced in 1972 by the American manufacturer ARP Instruments, Inc. that quickly garnered a faithful following among musicians. Well respected for its high value, ease to play and portability, the ARP Odyssey had undergone several improvements during its history and continued to be a long-seller until manufacturing stopped in 1981 due to economic hardships and the digital surge. Loved by a wide range of musicians as a historical classic, its sound can be heard on numerous classic songs.

Now in 2015, KORG has brought back the ARP Odyssey for today. With the advisory assistance of David Friend, the co-founder of ARP Instruments, KORG has completely reproduced the original circuitry for artists looking to recreate classic sounds and explore new ones. Together the engineers at KORG and Arp were able to nail the sound and feel of the original. Every detail has been carefully considered to stay true to the quality of the original, down to the sophisticated semi-hard case.

The original ARP Odyssey was a 2VCO duo-phonic instrument. Its most distinctive feature was its sharp, penetrating sound and its rich range of tonal variation. With a variety of functions and modulation possibilities provided by oscillator sync, sample & hold, pulse width modulation, high-pass filter, two types of envelope generator, and pitch bend using the PPC, it was able to create a versatile range of sounds.

Filters of all three generations are provided!
Broadly speaking, there were three versions of the original ARP Odyssey, divided by the date of production, with the major difference being the filter circuit. The ARP Odyssey provides all three of these different filter circuits, and allows you to select one of them with a single switch. TYPE I (Rev1) is a 12 dB/Oct circuit that produces a sharp, punchy sound. TYPE II (Rev2) is a 24 dB/Oct filter with great-sounding lows. TYPE III (Rev3) maintains excellent stability even when resonance is raised. These distinctive filters have been reproduced just as they originally were.

• Keyboard: 37-note (White Keys: 4.25"x.75", Black Keys: 2.75"x.375", No velocity sensitivity, No aftertouch)
• Maximum Polyphony: 2 voices for duophonic; normally monophonic
• Inputs: External Audio In, Pedal, Portamento Foot Switch
• Outputs: Low 1/4”, High XLR, Headphones
• Control: DIN MIDI (In), USB MIDI (In & Out), CV/Gate/Trig (In & Out)

Physical Specs
• Size: 19.76" x 14.96" x 4.72"
• Weight: 11.02 lbs

• AC Adapter (DC 9 V)
• Phone Cable
• Mini-phone Cable
• Owner’s Manual
• Dedicated Semi-Hard Case