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Korg MS-20 Kit
Korg MS-20 KitKorg MS-20 KitKorg MS-20 KitKorg MS-20 KitKorg MS-20 Kit

Korg MS-20 Kit

By: Korg


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Product Description

The classic MS-20 analog synthesizer recreated in full size featuring the filter circuitry from both revisions!

Just like the MS-20 mini, development of the MS-20 Kit was led by the original engineers themselves, who spared no effort to perfectly replicate the circuitry of the original unit. When it was necessary to substitute a part, the engineers made the decision based on their own ears, ensuring that the exact sound of the original unit has been reproduced. In fact, the sound of the MS-20 kit has a somewhat bright and extreme quality to it because its sound is that of an original MS-20 in mint condition at the time it went on sale, before any of the components aged.

MS-20 Kit is a true-analog, 1:1 scale reissue of the MS-20, with both filters built in (the more aggressive early production filter and more mellow late production one). Every details has been replicated, right down to the packaging, which includes a letter from the original MS-20 engineers and the President of Korg, Inc.

To add even more nostalgia, the MS-20 Kit comes dissembled, and can be put together with simple tools (some included), providing the user with the experience that often went hand-in-hand with ownership of vintage modular analog gear. No soldering or understanding of circuit diagrams required. It also features the same modern connectivity (MIDI and USB MIDI) as the mini.

MS-20 Kit is a very limited edition product (lwhen they’re gone - they’re gone forever), so get your order in.

• A full-size MS-20 that you can assemble yourself
• Both the early and late versions of the filter are provided
• 2VCO / 2VCA / 2VCF / 2EG / 1LFO structure
• MIDI IN and USB connector
• Replicates every detail of the original, down to the package binding and the included manual
• Keyboard: C – C: 37-key (3 octaves)
• Main Controller: Controller: Control wheel (center click), Momentary switch -->GND
• Input/Output: Signal input (Monoral Phone Jack), Signal output (Monoral Phone Jack, 2V p-p output impedance 3.5k Ω), Head phones output (Stereo Phone Jack, 33 Ω 48mW), DC12V, MIDI IN, USB(Type B)

Physical Specifications
• Dimensions: 22.56 x 12.44 x 9.76 inches
• Weight: 13.89 lbs

Electrical Specifications
• Power: 9W, DC12V Power Adapter (Included)

• Patch Cord x 10

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