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Product Description

Nonlinear Functions

2-input,​ ​5-output​ ​wide-band​ analog​ logic. Binary logic can only see two colors: black and white. Analog logic processes the continuous grayscale range of your analog signal path, enabling organic combinations of images in novel ways.

1-input,​ ​3-output​ full​ ​wave​ rectifier​ ​and​ frequency​ ​doubler. We love this circuit – you can find it in the signal paths of Staircase, Shapechanger and Navigator. With an input triangle wave, you get a triangle wave at double the frequency at your output.

1-input,​ ​2-output​ ​gamma​ ​processor. An infinitely usable function, gamma processing adjusts the brightness of mid-gray level while keeping black and white points consistent. The square function darkens grays, and the log function brightens them.

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 8hp
• Depth: 32mm

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +12V @ 65mA, -12V @ 65mA , +5V @ 0mA

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack Power Cable