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Moffenzeef Modular Jarmaggeddon
Moffenzeef Modular JarmaggeddonMoffenzeef Modular JarmaggeddonMoffenzeef Modular JarmaggeddonMoffenzeef Modular Jarmaggeddon

Moffenzeef Modular Jarmaggeddon

By: Moffenzeef Modular


Available Immediately

Product Description

Synth in a Jar!

Jarmaggeddon is a battery powered synth in a jar with only one parameter: glitch. I’m not really sure how it works. It hosts a lump of code i wrote that purposefully creates unpredictable and disgusting results! The onboard unipolar (0-5v) cv input allows you to modulate the glitch amount. 

• unipolar cv input with current limiting and over voltage protection
• ocketed, swappable attiny85
• 1/8” audio output
• runs on a 9v battery
• fits in a regular mouth 4oz. mason jar
• ~14 hour battery life ( based on a 400 mah battery capacity)

physical specifications
• format: noise synth
• dimensions: 3” x 3” x 3.5”

electrical specifications
• power: 9v / 20ma +9v

in the box
• noise synth in a jar