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monome Earthsea, FLOOR DEMO UNIT

monome Earthsea, FLOOR DEMO UNIT

By: monome


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Product Description

NORMALLY $320: This item is used, has been fully tested and is guaranteed to be working.

Shape Memory Pattern Instrument for monome Grids

Earthsea is a platform for playing, looping, and manipulating control-voltage gestures, which may take the form of melodies and timbral transformations. Built upon a map of tones, the grid becomes a playing surface for melodies. this map can be retuned, the edge output provides various gating modes including a fixed interval and drone mode.

Multi-press gestures invoke shape-memories. Three channels of CV memory are set by turning panel knobs per shape. Instantly recall CV sets with different shapes, or glide between them with independent slew per channel and shape.

Patterns of notes and shapes can be recorded into a bank of sixteen slots. Gate, retrigger or loop playback while performing additional notes or shapes atop. Recall previous patterns from the bank, or perform the bank directly.

Patterns can also be performed across the keymap with arpeggiate mode, shifting the root note and retriggering the pattern. Modulate pitch inside of a pattern with legato presses, or simply transpose your phrase to match other patterns or elements. Shape-memories and all recorded patterns are storable to internal flash memory for instant recall on power-up. Multiple full scene memories can be stored internally. Additional magic shapes for pattern modulations make this instrument wildly versatile, accessibly oriented through a performance mindset.

• USB (for monome grid - REQUIRED & NOT INCLUDED, see Grids note below *)

• 3 Jacks
• Note
• CV

• 3 Parameter Knobs

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 6HP
• Depth: 40mm

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +12V @ 18mA, -12V @ 18mA, +5V @ 42mA (grid unconnected), up to 600mA (grid connected, see Power note below **)

In the Box
• The module itself
• Printed reference guide
• Eurorack Cable


* Grids:
There have been many editions of monome grids over the years. Earthsea is optimally designed for late 128 (8×16) models that support variable brightness (2012 and on). Smaller grids are not supported. Larger grids are supported, but presently the bottom half will not be used. Mono-brightness grids are supported, but the data displayed will be less rich.

** Power:
WARNING: If you disregard power requirements you may overheat and destroy your power supply and potentially damage other modules or the monome grid in the process. Please contact us or Monome if you need help sorting out your power situation.

Monome grids require a large amount of 5v power, which may not be typically available on all eurorack systems. Be sure to check the ratings of the power supply to be used.

Furthermore, eurorack power systems are not well designed for dynamic power loading. undesirable anomalies may be introduced in certain eurorack configurations when shared with a grid controller. Monome has designed a small breakout adapter (ext5v) to separately power the grid controller. If this adapter is used, very little 5v will be used from the eurorack power supply (but note that it is still required). The adapter requires a separate 5v supply which delivers at least 1a on a 2.1mm center positive plug, which is included.