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monome ext5v
monome ext5vmonome ext5vmonome ext5vmonome ext5v
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Product Description

External +5V source w/ inline USB connector for monome White Whale.

Power the monome grid externally to isolate your system power! monome grids require a large amount of +5V power, which may not be available on all eurorack systems. Many white whale users may want to power their grids externally as to not be pulling variable amounts of 5V from their system. This small interconnect paired with an external 5v power adapter (included) will allow this.

If ext5v is used, very little +5V will be used from your eurorack power supply. The ext5v requires a separate power adapter (included) which delivers at least 1A on a 2.1mm center positive plug.

• The ext5v itself
• Power adapter (100-240V Input, 5V 3A 15W Max Output, IEC interface)
• 3-prong IEC cable