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monome Meadowphysics, USED

monome Meadowphysics, USED

By: monome


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Product Description

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Rhizomatic Cascading Counter for monome Grids

Meadowphysics facilitates the exploration of polyrhythms and rule-based sequencing, producing a wide range of emergent patterns.

As the second module in the grid-based eurorack series, this module highlights the ability to swap the grid between modules rapidly, patching the USB cable much like a 3.5mm cable. This module can be used in conjunction with White Whale using a single grid gracefully. The foundation of Meadowphysics is an incoming clock which can be internal or external. Seven additional counters can be cross-assigned with this clock to count down an assignable number of counts, which is the primary interface on the grid. When a counter reaches zero, the corresponding output is triggered on the panel. Given a flexible assignment method, very complicated long-form mutating polyrhythms can be created intuitively.

In addition a series of “rules” can be applied at the zero count of each counter. The count length can be reassigned-- incremented/decremented, randomized, reset to last value, etc. A counter can have a rule assigned to change another counter's behavior. In this way long evolving patterns emerge. Very simply falling rhythms can also be accomplished in a very straightforward manner.

• USB (for monome grid - REQUIRED & NOT INCLUDED, see Grids note below *)
• Clock Trigger In

• 8x Triggers
• Clock Trigger Out

• Clock (knob)

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 6HP
• Depth: 40mm

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +12V @ 18mA, -12V @ 17mA, +5V @ 42mA (grid unconnected), up to 600mA (grid connected, see Power note below **)

In the Box
• The module itself
• Printed reference guide
• Eurorack Cable


* Grids:
There have been many editions of monome grids over the years. Meadowphysics is optimally designed for late 128 (8×16) models that support variable brightness (2012 and on). Smaller grids are supported, but pattern step lengths are adjusted. Larger grids are supported, but presently the bottom half will not be used. Mono-brightness grids are supported, but the data displayed will be less rich.