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monome one twenty eight
monome one twenty eightmonome one twenty eight

monome one twenty eight

By: monome


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Product Description

monome one twenty eight, 8x16 grid

The primary features of monome devices are tactile and visual feedback. The decoupled design allows for clear response and intuitive play. When you push a key the input data is sent to the computer for various forms of interpretation while the output data, light patterns for example, are controlled separately in response. All decision making is controlled by the chosen application running on the computer.

monome devices are carefully designed, hand-crafted interactive tools with a focus on minimalism. Simplicity in design impose creative constraints that temper the endless reprogrammable possibilities. The ability to determine how input and output functions can present unlimited possibilities for interaction.

Many monome applications are written in Max/MSP, a graphical programming environment maintained by Cycling '74. And all are fully functional using Cycling '74’s Max/MSP Runtime, which is free. Connected to a computer, it can become a live sample cutter, unorthodox step sequencer, emergent pattern instrument, rapid modal visualizer, interactive simulation, tactile reactive game. Many of these explorations are community driven and available freely to all. For those inclined, monome provides examples and tutorials for programming your own designs.

​ • 8 x 16 custom silicon backlit keypad
​ • Variable brightness, per key
​ • USB powered

Physical Specifications
​ • Size: TBD
​ • Weight: TBD

​ • monome one twenty eight
​ • USB cable

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