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Steady State Fate Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer

Steady State Fate Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer

By: Steady State Fate


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Product Description

Bass & Drum Synthesizer Voice

The Entity Bass Drum is a complete and versatile synthesizer voice geared for designing a huge array of bass drum, percussive and synth sounds.The design consists of a high fidelity resonant filter, 2 stage slope generator (rise/fall) with independent slope shaping, a high fidelity VCA and discrete transistor saturation circuitry. Every parameter on the Entity Bass drum is voltage controllable.

By applying a trigger of any length and at least 2V amplitude, we excite the resonant filter to produce a percussive sine wave. The pitch control tunes the output with a range of 8Hz to around 2.2KHz. Both higher and lower levels are achievable using the FM input for modulation etc. The internal filter will track 3-4 octaves reliably and the tracking device is temperature compensated.

• slope generator (ENV), 3 way switch selects FM, FM+ENV or just ENV as a mod source.
• two stage function generator,
• BODY control simulates the tightness of a drum head
• RING controls the resonant decay time
• discrete transistor saturation
• OUTPUT section is a parallel signal processor design
• VCA can also be accessed directly via the A-MIX input
• filter can be used independently or in combination with the nominal output via the F-MIX input. This input is used as an aux trigger input that is sensitive to pulse/trigger width

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 14hp
• Depth: 16mm

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +12V @ 61mA, -12V @ 91mA , +5V @ 0mA

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack power cable