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Synthrotek 4093 NAND Synth Kit

Synthrotek 4093 NAND Synth Kit

By: Synthrotek


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Product Description

This Is A Kit! It requires basic through-hole soldering skills, tools and related supplies.

The 4093 NAND Synth is a super-modifiable noise generator that will knock your socks off with its sheer amount of sonic potential! Low pulsing drones, random robotic chaos, high-pitched laser sounds – it's all here in this small package.

A great project to begin your explorations into the world of DIY sound synthesis, the PCB was designed with the beginner in mind. Board-mountable switches, tension-relief power supplies, socketed IC, hands-on knobs and switches for tone control, and a detailed silkscreen PCB to help you solder components right the first time.