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Synthrotek Eurorack Sequence 8

Synthrotek Eurorack Sequence 8

By: Synthrotek


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Product Description

8 Step Sequencer

The ‘SEQUENCE 8’ is an analog 8 step sequencer with 3 attenuable control voltage outputs and a 5 octave range (0­5V). Each of the 8 steps have a gate output jack (used for resetting the sequence at a certain step and other functions), 3 CV outputs each with their own limiter knob (attenuator), Clock Input and Output, Fine and Coarse knobs for the internal clock, a ‘Linear Random’ function with a separate speed control and On/Off switch, momentary Hold, Step, and Reset switches, Hold Hard latching switch, Internal/External Clock Switch, and last but not least... a Reset input jack.

• Clock
• Reset

• Gate for steps 1-8
• CV 1-3
• Clock

• Steps 1-8
• Limit x3
• Rate C
• Rate F
• Random Rate
• Hold (switch)
• Step (switch)
• Reset (switch)
• Hold Hard (switch)
• Clock Switch (switch)
• Randon (switch)

Physical Specifications
• Formate: Eurorack
• Width: 20HP
• Depth: 1.5”

Electrical Specifications
• Power: 20mA

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