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Technosaurus Cyclodon, USED

Technosaurus Cyclodon, USED

By: Technosaurus


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Product Description

This item is used, has been fully tested and is guaranteed to be working. 16 STEP ANALOG SEQUENCER

The Cyclodon is a 16-step analog sequencer with two rows of eight continuously variable potentiometers, with LED´s indicating which row is being played. Four different switches allow you to set the number of steps used in the sequence. Run/ Stop button controls the sequencer playback when the unit is in Auto mode; in Manual mode it moves you through the sequence one step a time-perfect for tuning each step. Cyclodon can be controlled by either internal or external clock signals.

There are 16 knobs, each of which represent a 16th-note in the 1-bar loop. Adjusting each knob determines what pitches will be played at that step, but you can not program rests. This information is transmitted out via CV/Gate, an old analog (pre-MIDI) format for controlling other CV/Gate compatible vintage synths. The Cyclodon may also receive clock/sync via Roland style DIN-Sync input. It's analog, simple and affordable - it's perfect for anyone with analog synths who want to use vintage analog-style pattern sequencers. It also works great directly with the Technosaurus Microcon! And it's tiny too - about the size of a VHS tape.

• Programmable clock divider
• 16 Step loop sequence, adjustable step numbers
• Manual Mode to adjust each step. CV/GATE outputs
• SYNC input (all ROLAND style)

Physical Specifications
• Format: Desktop Sequencer
• Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 5 cm (l x d x h)

Electrical Specifications
• Power: 12v DC