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The Harvestman A Sound Of Thunder

The Harvestman A Sound Of Thunder

By: The Harvestman


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Product Description

Tyme Sefari Expander

The Sound of Thunder is the official expander for the Tyme Sefari Mark II. It features a bank of switch and gate controls to enable additional operating modes, as well as additional I/O for stereo operation.

Four new modes are available on this expander, represented by eight toggle switches and gate inputs. To enable each, flip the associated switches up, or insert a 5V gate signal into the input. The new addition of the gate jacks allow full remote control of the Tyme Sefari's recording mode, allowing unique rhythmic effects and controllable corruption of the sampled audio signal.

Physical Specifications
• Formate: Eurorack
• Width: 8HP
• Depth: (skiffable)

Electrical Specifications
• Power: causes Tyme Sefari to draw an additional 5mA current

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