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Tiptop Audio Z-DSP
Tiptop Audio Z-DSPTiptop Audio Z-DSP

Tiptop Audio Z-DSP

By: Tiptop Audio


Available Immediately

Product Description

Voltage Controlled Digital Signal Processor

Welcome to the world of digital signal processing! The Z-DSP is a modular synthesizer component that can process and generate audio using a dedicated micro-computer, a digital signal processing processor – a DSP!

Like the processor in your desktop computer, the Z-DSP runs programs in memory. It’s these programs that create the delays, filters, oscillators and more that the Z-DSP can produce. The possibilities are virtually endless, limited only by the imagination of those who write the applications for it. Tiptop Audio, together with some of the best known programmers in the music industry, are working to bring programs to the Z-DSP platform.

The Z-DSP uses an open-source coding environment, and using a programmer (available from Tiptop/Spin Semiconductor) anyone can create, share or sell their own applications for the Z-DSP. We hope that this unique feature will motivate more designers and users to dive in to the amazing world of digital signal processing and enrich the available library of applications for the Z-DSP platform. Please contact us for more information regarding obtaining a programmer.

• VC-DSP1, 2, 3
• Audio in L, R
• Feedback In L, R
• VC-Feedback L, R
• DSP Clock In
• Program Switch Trigger
• VC-Program Select
• Program Select Direction

• Audio L, R
• Feedback L, R

• Three digital parameters
• Gain input L, R
• Feedback input L, R
• Mix Dry/Wet

Physical Specifications
• Formate: Eurorack
• Width: 28HP
• Depth: 59mm

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +12v @ 130mA, -12v @ 36mA

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