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WMD Performance Mixer

WMD Performance Mixer



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Product Description

Performance Mixer

The Performance Mixer is an 8 channel audio mixer designed specifically for live performance and jam sessions within the modular ecosystem. With 12 audio inputs for the first 6 channels, and 2 true stereo channels, there is plenty of room for all of your modular signals and more.

2 mono auxiliary sends with dual mono returns, stereo send and return, and another set of stereo mix inputs give you the routing you need to send signals to interesting effects as well as utility uses such as bus compression and master equalizers.

Two headphone outputs for convenience and teamwork. Collaborate with friends with out wasting any channels by sending the stereo output of their mixer into the unity gain mix input. Monitor with the dual headphone outputs and you can both hear the entire mix.


• 6 Mono channels with 2 switchable or summed inputs gives you a total of 12 inputs.
• 2 True stereo channels
• CUE Mixing allows you to monitor signals before they hit front of house
• Voltage control over Level and Panning for all channels
• 2 Auxiliary sends, switchable for each channel
• Aux sends are available Pre and Post fader via switch
• 2 mono and 2 stereo unity gain inputs for adding submixes or external audio sources
• 2 Headphone outs, 1-3.5 mm and 1- ¼ inch for collaboration and convenience
• Expandable with PM MUTES and PM CHANNELS modules

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 40hp
• Depth: 40mm

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +12V @ 450mA, -12V @ 430mA , +5V @ mA

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack Power Cable