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WMD / SSF VC Mini Slew

WMD / SSF VC Mini Slew



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Product Description

Function Generator/Slew Limiter

MINI SLEW is a feature packed function generator and voltage controlled slew limiter. Transient functions are generated using the rise, fall and shape controls. Complex functions can be generated using the voltage controlled shape and vari-out via direct CV inputs. MINI SLEW features a novel time compensation mode which permits the timing of the transient to remain relatively constant while the shape parameter is adjusted. CV SUM mode permits a single CV patched into rise or fall to process both parameters or two CVs patched into rise and fall to be summed and applied to both parameters. Additional features include voltage controlled cycle (toggle on/off), end of rise and end of fall outputs, FM input and an LED voltmeter for monitoring the amplitude of the direct positive output.

• Voltage controlled rise, fall and both (single or summed) via CV SUM mode
• Direct FM CV input
• Manual and voltage controlled shape (log/lin/exp). Time compensation mode toggle for shape
• Direct and variable transient outputs. Voltage controlled variable output
• Trigger and cycle modes. CV cycle (on/off)
• Slew signal input
• End of cycle, end of rise outputs (trigger/gate)
• Transient amplitude level indication

• Shape CV
• Rise CV
• Fall CV
• Vari CV
• FM
• Trigger
• Input
• Cycle

• Positive Envelope Out
• Vari Out
• End of Cycle Out
• End of Rise Out

• Rise
• Fall
• Shape
• Vari Out
• T-Comp/Sum (Button)

Physical Specifications
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 8HP
• Depth: 1”

Electrical Specifications
• Power: +12V @70mA, -12V @50mA

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack Power Cable

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