The Harvestman - Stillson Hammer mkII, Piston Honda mkII, English Tear, Miggs, King Slender, Hertz Donut mkII, Malgorithm mkII, Kermit, Polivoks (ADSR/VCA, Modulator, Lider Sub), Tyme Sefari & ASOT, Black Locust

Steady State Fate - Entity, Ultra Analog Random, Quantum Rainbow 2, Mixmode Expander, GND CTRL

Division 6 - Jacklight, Morpheum, Filtare SEIII

Erica Synths - Fusion VCO, Pico Series, Black Hole DSP, Stereo Mixer V2, PFL, VC Clock, Quad VCA, HADSR

hexinverter.net - Rimshot, Bassdrum, Red Dragon, BD9, Clap, Hot Glue

Dave Jones - O'tool Plus

Mordax - DATA

LZX - Liquid TV, Prismatic Ray, Visual Cortex, Sensory Translator, Color Chords, Curtain, Doorway, Navigator, Staircase, Passages, Bridge, Mapper

Make Noise - Morphagene, Black System Cartesian, Rosie, Brains, Erbe Verb, FxdF, STO, Black & Gold Shared System, Optomix, TEMPi, Powered Skiff, Presssue Points, Phonogene, Wogglebug, Skiff, Function, Echophon, MATHS, tELHARMONIC, modDemix, Mysteron, LxD, DPO

Mutable Instruments - Clouds, Tides, Ears, Blinds, Veils, Rings, Braids, Peaks, Shades, Grids, Links, Warps, Kinks, Edges, Frames, Yarns, Elements, Ripples, Shades, Shelves, Branches

Moffenzeef Modular - Muskrat, Deviant, GMO

Qu-Bit - Mixology, Contour, Chord, Wave, Octone, EON, Tri-ger

Expert Sleepers - Disting mk4, FH-1 & FHX-1, ESX-8MD mkII, ES-40, ESX-8CV, ESX-8GT

Monorocket - M6E, M9E, Base Gemini, MXE

Tiptop Audio - ONE (Single + 4-Pack), Stackcable, Mantis & Carrying Bag, Happy Ending Kit, QuantiZer, Z3000, Z8000, Circadian Rhythms, RS808, RS909, BD808, BD909, uZeus, Z-Rails, Z-DSP (& Shimmer, Time Fabric, Grain de Folie), HATS909, Z2040, Cymbl909, MixZ, MA808, Studio Bus, SD808

4ms - Dual Looping Delay, VCA Matrix, QPLFO, SISM, QCD & Expander, SMR Filter, RCD, Buff Mult, PEG, Bus Stick, Row Power, Kits

Synthesis Technology - Morphing Dual LFO, MultiMode VCO, Circuit Bent VCO, Morphing Terrarium, E440 OTA VCF, Mini-Delay, Cloud Generator, Deflector Shield

Pittsburgh Modular - SV-1 Blackbox, EP-96, EP-208, EP-270, EP-360, EP-420, Percussion Sequencer, Filter, LFO2, Mult, InOut, Mixer, Lifeforms SV-1, Lifeforms KB-1, Envelope, Toolbox, Dual VCA, MIDI 3, Mix Mult, Outs, Osc V2, Patch Box

monome - Teletype, Earthsea, Walk, Meadowphysics

Vintage Synth Lab - Analog Wavefold Mixer, VCF-74

Livewire Electronics - AFG, Dual Cyclotron, Frequensteiner

1010 Music - Bitbox

soundmachines - Lightstrip, Lightplane, Drumcomputer, uloop

Intellijel - Shapeshifter, Buff Mult, Quad VCA, Noise Tools_1u, Digiverb_1u, Headphones_1u, Quadratt_1u, Dixie II+, Dixie II, Audio Interface II, Jellysquasher, Polaris, Quadra & Expander, Planar, uFold II, Korgasmatron II, uStep, uVCF, Hub (with Magnet)

Audio Damage - Aeverb mk2, BoomTschak, Proton, Dub Jr mkII, Sequencer 1, Shapes, Neuron, ODIO, Spectre, MadHatter

WMD - Performance Mixer (& PM Mutes, PM Channels), SSM, MSCL, TRSHMSTR, MultiMode Env, Aperture, Micro Hadron Collider, Pro Out

Noise Engineering - Loquelic Iteritas, Cursus Iteritas, Mimetic Sequent (& Multimum), Confundo Funkitus, Integra Funk, Sinc Iter, Zularic Repetitor, Tonnetz Sequent

Antimatter Audio - Sub Ring, Launch Codes, Brain Seed

Malekko Heavy Industry - AD/LFO, Voltage Block, Varigate 8+, Mute 4, Envelator, Unity Mixer, VCA, Noise, Noisering

WMD/SSF - Modbox, SPO, Quad Att, Blender, MMF, Spectrum, ADSRVCA, DPLR, Ultra-Fold, Amplitude, Mini-Slew, Pole-Zero, Tool-Box

Rossum Electro-Music - Control Forge, Evolution

Endorphin.es - Furthrrr Generator (& Strong Zero), Shuttle Control, Gateway, Terminal

Folktek - Conduit, Matter & Plug-in Card Set, Resist

Mannequins - Just Friends, Mangrove, Three Sisters, Cold Mac

Circuit Abbey - Gozinta, Invy, Gozouta, Xory, Noisy, Ory

Studio Electronics Modstar - Quadnic, 5089, SEM, AMP, 3003, 4075

Toppobrillo - Triple Wavefolder

Dave Smith Instruments - Feedback, Character, Curtis Filter

Koma Elektronik - Komplex Sequencer, Poltergeist, Kommander, Vactrol SVF-201 Filter

Dreadbox - Drips, Gamma

Control Voltage - cvThree104

Roland - System 500 modules, Demora, Bitrazor, Torcido

Bastl Instruments - All eurorack modules & kits

Grayscale - Synapse, Algorhythm & Kit, Binary Kit

Waldorf - nw1

Sputnik Modular - West Coast Random Source, Multi-Touch Keyboard

Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumilator




We are a brick & mortar and online music instrument store located in Portland, Oregon specializing in analog and digital synthesizers, modular synths, MIDI controllers, sound makers, DIY stuff and more. Since opening our doors in 2012, we have offered a tactile and down-to-earth alternative to finding the right synth, free and curriculum-based classes and fun, hands-on workshops. We also regularly host in-store performances and sponsor unique local events around Portland and the Pacific Northwest. But above all - we just love supporting this amazing synthesizer / electronic musician community!

Looking to flip some gear? We sell a ton of vintage synthesizers, eurorack modules, controllers and other weird and rare oddities.

Here’s a list of stuff we’re currently searching for





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Teenage Engineering - PO-32 Tonic, Pocket Operators & Cases, Accessories

Critter & Guitari - ETC, Organelle, Kaleidoloop, Pocket Piano, Bolsa Bass, Video Scope, Rhythm Scope, Black & White Video Scope

Dave Smith Instruments - OB-6, OB-6 Desktop, Tempest, Prophet 6 Keyboard, Pro 2

Dreadbox - NYX, Hades

Waldorf - Blofeld Desktop, Streichfett

Moog - Model-D, Voyager XL, Sub 37, Sub Phatty, 60hp & 104hp Eurorack Case, Mother-32, Etherwave Plus, EP-3, Moogerfoogers, Minifooger (Delay, Trem, Boost, Ring)

Korg - Minilogue, Monologue, MS-20 mini, Volca Kick, electribe Sampler (Red), Minilogue, Volca Kick, FM, Sample, Beats, Keys & Bass, nanoKontrol Studio, SQ-1, electribe, littleBits Synth (& MIIDI, USB Bits)

monome - one twenty eight

Roger Linn Design - LinnStrument, LinnStrument 128

Roland - System-8, VP-03, JP-08, JX-03, JU-06, TB-03, TR-09, KM-25, DK-01

Make Noise - 0-Coast

Arturia - MatrixBrute, Drumbrute, Minilab mkII, KeyStep, BeatStep Pro, Microbrute

Elektron - Analog Drive, Analog Heat, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Overhub, A/V Split Cable, EGB-1, Rack Mount Kit, Protective Lid

Bastl Instruments - Kastle Synth

Electro-Harmonix - Clockworks, Deluxe Memory Man TT-1100, Holy Grail, Holy Stain, Memory Boy, Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazari, V256 Vocoder,  360 Looper, 720 Stereo Looper, 22500 Looper, Cathedral Reverb, 8-Step Sequencer

Ciat-Lonbarde - Sidrax/Tetrax Combo, Tocante series

T-Shirt - Control Voltage Logo, Lord Forgive Me For My Synths

ROLI - Seaboard RISE 25, Seaboard Rise 49

Arduino - UNO (R3)

iConnectivity - mio, iConnectMIDI1, iConnectAUDIO4+, iConnectMIDI2+

Oberheim - Two Voice Pro (Black)

Novation - Circuit, Bass Station II, Launchpad Mini mk2

Bleep Labs - Bleep Drum, Pico Paso Kit

Keith McMillen Instruments - MIDI Expander, QuNeo + Rouge Bundle, 12 Step, QuNexus & CV Cable Kit

Kenton - Merge 8, Thru -5, Thru-25, MIDI USB Host, Merge-4, Pro Solo mkii

Koma Elektronik - RH301

soundmachines - NS1 Nanosynth

Expert Sleepers - USAMO

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